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Jaws x Unique Vintage

The First Shark Movie Classic: Around the summer of 1975, masses of people in the U.S. suddenly changed their minds about going to the shore to play in the waves. This was when the first Jaws film was released, which was adapted from the novel by Peter Benchley and starred Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw. Jaws was the first movie ever to be described by a new term, “blockbuster,” which indeed it was, with people literally lining the blocks to see the show (back then, there were no multi-screen movie theaters).

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Quay High Key Rimless Sunglasses
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Jaws x Unique Vintage Plus Size Jaws Movie Poster Jayne Swing Skirt
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Unique Vintage Retro Pin-Up Red Chiffon Hair Scarf
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Jaws x Unique Vintage Jaws Movie Poster Jayne Swing Skirt
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Unique Vintage Beige Leatherette T-Strap Astaire Pumps
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Unique Vintage Red Leatherette T-Strap Astaire Pumps
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Dark Red Grin Cat Eye Sunglasses
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Unique Vintage Beige Patent Leatherette T-Strap Everly Pumps
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Unique Vintage Black Leatherette T-Strap Astaire Pumps
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Jaws was also the first movie to bring in $100 million at the box office, giving rise to three sequels, an assortment of novelizations, and a number of other media derivations. In other words, this movie was all the rage! Since then, sharks have been cast as bloodthirsty monsters in many other T.V. shows and movies. But Jaws is the one that started it all.

Revive the Summer of the Shark

Unique Vintage brings back the thrill of this cinematic phenom with our retro-style Jaws shark skirt, Jaws T-shirts, official-looking Amity Police jumper and vintage belted Jaws print dress available at the end of June. Our tees mix-and-match with the ominous shark skirt or any of your favorite summery shorts, featuring designs inspired by the original movie title logo and the iconic phrase, “You’re going to need a bigger boat”. Take a look at our Collection and pick your favorite one to recall the horrifying fun of “the summer of the shark.”

Even if you weren’t around to experience the terror of the deep yourself, our Jaws Collection is packed with items that make perfect gifts for your parents or friends who saw Spielberg’s hit film — right before they swore off the beach forever.

Flaunt your retro style and bring back the petrifying exhilaration of this classic shark movie in a vintage Jaws shirt or dress. Order both to mix-and-match vintage bottoms with a Jaws T-shirt or layering retro outerwear over your shark-themed dress.
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