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My Little Pony x Unique Vintage

17 Items
Lulu Hun Silver & Rainbow Iris Sandal
Quick View
Light Pink Lace Up Canvas Sneakers
Quick View
Turquoise Swirl Heart Drop Earrings
Quick View
Iridescent Unicorn Drop Earrings
Quick View
My Little Pony x Unique Vintage Lucky Charm Womens Graphic Tee
Quick View
Pink & Purple Tie Dye Platform Sandals
Quick View

On Sale $54.00 $37.99 Regular price

Magnolia Place Blue Ombre Face Mask
Quick View

On Sale $10.00 $3.97 Regular price

Blue Tie Dye Bucket Hat
Quick View

On Sale $24.00 $11.97 Regular price

Purple & Daisy Print Sheer Socks
Quick View

On Sale $18.00 $11.97 Regular price

Pastel Rainbow Strap Sandals
Quick View

On Sale $42.00 $28.97 Regular price

Sunset Rainbow Hoop Earrings
Quick View

On Sale $34.00 $20.97 Regular price

Lilac Purple Glitter & Clear Vinyl T-Strap Flats
Quick View

On Sale $38.00 $24.99 Regular price

Purple & Yellow Rainbow Drop Earrings
Quick View

On Sale $32.00 $17.97 Regular price

Unique Vintage White Eyelet High Waist Stella Shorts
Quick View

On Sale $58.00 $40.97 Regular price

My Little Pony x Unique Vintage Friendship Magic Rachel Swing Dress
Quick View
Hot Pink Satin Plush Headband
Quick View

On Sale $28.00 $19.97 Regular price

1990s Blue Denim Wash High Rise Jeans
Quick View

On Sale $68.00 $51.99 Regular price

We know you can’t get enough of My Little Pony, darling. That’s why we offer the most magical collection of My Little Pony adult clothing and accessories at Unique Vintage. This one-of-a-kind troop of magical ponies from Ponyville has entertained multiple generations of boys and girls. Their personalities, adventures — and especially their adorable little cutie marks — are irresistible, even to adults. Everyone remembers their old My Little Pony toys fondly. (If you’re lucky, you may still have yours!) Just because you’ve gotten a little older doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy My Little Pony clothes like those mini members of the MLP fandom.
My Little Pony Shirts, Dresses and More for Adults
Shop the Unique Vintage collection of My Little Pony clothes with vibrant and fun MLP prints and retro-inspired styles that you totally need in your life. Shop My Little Pony shirts for adults, My Little Pony dresses and My Little Pony accessories and enjoy the high-quality fabrics, flattering designs and stand-out prints in both regular and plus-size options. We have cozy MLP shirts with nostalgic designs or an office-friendly blouse with a pony print and playful neck tie collar. Combine either with the show’s castle in sunny fields printed on our skirt that includes handy pockets. We also have a belted My Little Pony dress covered in colorful ponies and rainbows in an elegantly childlike design. You can add fandom love to any outfit with bright or subtle MLP hair scarves!

Pick a Pony: My Little Pony Clothing for Adults
Who is your spirit pony? Is it the organized and sociable Twilight Sparkle with her element of magic? The down-home, empathetic and always-hungry Apple Jack? Perhaps it’s the kind yet hot-tempered Pegasus Fluttershy with her element of kindness? How about the competitive and loyal Rainbow Dash? Or do you love Pinkie Pie, that exuberant and party-loving baker at Sugarcube Corner? You’ll find all your favorite My Little Pony characters within our Unique Vintage MLP collection — and more! Why? Because friendship is magic, darling!

The Cutest My Little Pony Clothes Ever
Need some other exclusive Unique Vintage collections in your life? Be sure to check out our one-of-a-kind clothing that features some of your favorite characters, movies and themes. Shop the colorful rainbow accents of our Pride collection, Sanrio’s mega popular Hello Kitty or the yellow brick road fantasy of Wizard of Oz!
Unique Vintage — Quick View

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