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If you’re into witchcraft, ghosts, and other supernatural phenomenons, you probably know what a Ouija board is. Marked with numbers, letters of the alphabet, and the words “yes,” “no” and “goodbye,” these flat boards have been used for more than a century to communicate with the dead. The idea is that when two or more people gather around the board and put their fingers on the planchette, spirits will guide the device over the board, spelling out what they want to say.

Sounds spooky, right? Some people think of Ouija boards as nothing more than a fun parlor game, while others consider it a real way to communicate with spirits. Regardless of what you believe, sporting cool Ouija clothing is a chic and stylish way to show off a side of yourself that’s dark, mysterious, and playful. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the new Ouija x Unique Vintage collaboration.