About Unique Vintage

How It All Started

Ever wonder how Unique Vintage started? Back in 2000, our vintage-loving CEO and Founder, Katie Echeverry, would spend her weekends browsing the local vintage shops in her hometown of Burbank, CA. Always in search of the perfect vintage dress, Katie quickly realized that she wasn’t alone and decided to try buying and reselling vintage styles on her very own website. A one-woman-show in the beginning, Katie set-up the very first version of uniquevintage.com, beginning to sell her vintage finds online, even turning her garage into the very first warehouse for our brand. Like a flash, a few years had flown by and Katie decided to turn her weekend passion project into a full-time dream job, beginning to design and sell her very own vintage-inspired dresses on the site under the Unique Vintage label.

UV Looked Quite a Bit Different Back Then

Today, Unique Vintage continues to celebrate the iconic fashion of the past in contemporary designs made for every person of every body type. Still located in our hometown of sunny Burbank, CA, UV remains a privately-held, female-owned and operated brand. We’ve grown quite a bit since those early days in Katie’s garage, being honored as one of Newsweek's Best Online Shops and as a member of the prestigious Inc. 5000.

As the brand has gotten bigger and the team continues to grow, UV has always remained true to Katie’s original vision: a brand and company that is inclusive, diverse and who believes that everyone belongs.

Vintage-inspired fashion made for everyone, celebrating the uniqueness of designs from the past, re-imagined for a contemporary world.

We’re a diverse, size-inclusive brand not only in the products we make but also in the way we bring those products to life across our marketing campaigns.

On-going support for organizations focused on making the world a better place to live in, including women’s, animal and LGBTQ+ charitable partners.  

Teamwork makes the UV dream work. Behind the scenes, our team is honest, open and collaborative, believing we can do almost anything if we do it together.

X Unique Vintage

In 2017, we launched the very first of our licensed collabs under the Barbie x Unique Vintage label. Since then, we’ve worked with amazing partners from Warner Bros to NBCUniversal to ViacomCBS.

We’ve Got A Store!

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